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“The right people are our greatest resource and a huge asset.
The wrong people are not an asset they are a liability.”


Success is measured not just by ‘what we do’ but also ‘how we do it’. Having the knowledge, skills, experience and behaviours to do our jobs well is a key part of contributing to that success.

Defining the right competencies required and mapping these to the individual’s roles within your teams provides the framework for assessing and measuring performance against defined standards, identifying individual and collective development needs and ensuring that your team operates at the highest possible level. We call this the Talent and Competency Inventory (TCI).

In its most simplistic form, businesses need competency frameworks to address the following key issues:

  1. What skills and competencies do we neezd to do our jobs?
  2. What skills and competencies do we have today?
  3. What skills and competencies do we lack today (the gap)?
  4. How do we improve this situation going forward, and measure performance improvement?
  5. Do I have the right team and skills to meet my future goals?
  6. Collectively, these constitute the key elements of the TCI process.


We pride ourselves that we tailor our services to meet our client’s individual requirements. We do not provide off-the-shelf solutions. These solutions are driven by the client’s real business needs and consequently deliver real business benefits;

Done well, this structure provides an outstanding framework for the continuous development and improvement of individual and team performance. If, however, a competency assessment programme is not well defined and executed, if its implementation is ad hoc, the, like all powerful tools in ill-prepared hands, it can cause immense damage and all areas of potential benefit could actually be adversely affected in the process.

"This assessment and development programme was a really wed piece of work from NewDawn and the results have way exceeded my expectations."

Simon Brown, Severn Trent Water


  • A simple, repeatable but consistent approach and methodology for negotiations.
  • To understand the other party better, the balance of power, and how to create and use the perception of power.
  • To understand the balance between commercial outcomes and relationships in any negotiation.
  • To instil belief and confidence, and to improve communication skills, when negotiating.
  • To understand and utilise ‘real value’.
  • To be able to recognise and manage different behaviours and to become skilled in warm assertive behaviours.
  • To be able to use a variety of persuasion methods.


  • A significant ROI almost instantly - better deals, better margins, better contracts and better relationships.
  • An end to end process, tools and techniques for managing complex and simple or quick negotiations.
  • A new broader perspective on relationships and alternative styles of negotiating.
  • Increased confidence in managing difficult negotiations.
  • Awareness and recognition of varying preferred negotiating styles leading to more effective negotiations.
  • Enhanced leadership and management skills.
  • Improved respect and relationships.


The NewDawn Partners are experts in B2B Sales and Procurement. We specialise in talent and competency development, live project support, and business negotiations to support these key areas.

We also pride ourselves on tailoring our competency development services to meet the unique real business needs of our clients. We take a holistic approach to the full end to end process of competency definition, competency measurement, talent and competency development and competency sustainment and embedding.


Tailored to unique business needs Our style is to tailor the competency development to our client’s specific needs and then deliver in a very involving way.
This provides a robust link between your real business needs and aspirations and the performance and engagement of your employees. In our experience, competencies are unique to their businesses. Consequently, we do not favour ‘one-size fits-all’ or ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions.
Delivered ‘with’ not ‘to’ our clients We work in close cooperation with HR and most importantly the operational business units, managers and teams.
By so doing, the clients own the solution, can implement it quickly, and have a memorable experience doing so. This is an inclusive process. As a result, we tend to have more stakeholder buy-in and implement a higher percentage of the learning.
Substantial expertise across multiple business sectors We have substantial expertise in designing and implementing successful bespoke multilevel competency assessment and development programmes in virtually all business sectors as well as within the public sector.
We are highly skilled practitioners who have all been closely involved in competency assessment and development at a practical level both in line management roles and in the provision of external consultancy support.
Focus on the impact on the business We make a strong link back into the business goals and results through measures which are typically business or organisational key performance indicators.
We are thus acutely aware of the importance of this work and the implications of a failure in the competency architecture. We have seen too many organisations with ad-hoc job descriptions, role profiles and competency definition. The results of this structural void are stagnation in the business, inability to raise the performance bar and achieve the results possible, and frustration from team members and managers.


We take a holistic approach to the process to ensure that business needs and requirements feed into the competency assessment and subsequently to the development needs. The end to end process is illustrated below:


Build a bespoke Competency Framework to meet the client’s need addressing:

  • - Technical skills.
  • - Behavioural skills
  • - Team and leadership skills

Mapping of new competencies onto existing frameworks (if required)


Assessing Competency:

On-Line questionnaires

Assessment or development centres

Structured interviews

Consolidation of Outputs:

Talent and Competency

Inventory (TCI)

Individual and team development needs

Short, medium and long-term prioritisation

Categorisation of assessment


Individual and team training and capability development by combining the effects of multiple influences into an effective and overwhelming strategy

Focussed plan covering out to 24 months

Personal development




Technical, managerial and behavioural development


Practical application of individual and team learning

Real life situations and projects

Ongoing support

Evaluation and Review
Individual and team

Regular periodic reviews of needs (18-24 mths) and performance (6 mths)

Feedback to individuals and teams

Update of Talent and Competency Inventory


The NewDawn approach is a highly robust, tried and tested process. Application of our approach has resulted in significant improvements in individual and collective performances leading to significantly improved results delivery. It provides a robust link between your real business needs and aspirations and the performance and engagement of your employees. Our clients cover a wide range of business sectors across many parts of the world.

We are uniquely positioned to be able to provide the depth of understanding of competency definition, assessment and development particularly in the sales and procurement arenas. We have experienced the benefits of a well designed and implemented process and we have also seen the damage that can be caused by a poorly designed and implemented one. Our aim is business excellence and this is best achieved by the close cooperation of our team, the HR team and the operational business units in defining the most effective competency frameworks.

Competency Developement Brochure

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