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“We engaged NewDawn to help us find out why the robust process we had introduced with the help of one of the big four consultancies seemed to have disabled our ability to be creative with our solutions.
They quickly got to the heart of the matter, introduced effective enhancements to the process, re-invigorated our team in terms of the enthusiastic search for creative solutions, but retained the core elements of the existing process. The pay back is phenomenal.”
Dave Balsom - Director Category Management, Suncor


What are the changes impacting your organisation and how is this transforming the challenge facing your procurement team? How are you ensuring the development of the best business strategies to manage your supply markets as a consequence of these changes?

Uniquely, we work with client organisations to help them:

  • Understand the real business needs that should drive procurement to ensure that they create and implement the appropriate procurement transformation programmes. Our clients secure real and significant benefits from breakthrough sourcing delivering truly creative and innovative supply market management solutions.
  • Build effective stakeholder engagement into this process is always a key to ensuring real and enduring success. Those who have successfully addressed this have full and active support at the executive level and across the business. As a consequence the process and results improve substantially year on year.
  • Bring world class buyer and seller experiences to your business challenges so that you can benefit from understanding the views from both perspectives which will ensure better strategy creation and implementation.
NewDawn Partners set the bar high for procurement transformation and development and we go the extra mile to ensure that your performance is the best it can be.


We pride ourselves that we tailor our services to meet our client’s individual requirements. We do not provide off-the-shelf solutions. These solutions are driven by the client’s real business needs and consequently deliver real business benefits;


  • Margin growth through creative and enduring sourcing solutions.
  • Real competitive advantage through innovation being delivered to us from suppliers before our competitors.
  • Our supply chains are resilient and risks are effectively managed.
  • To be a leader in real supplier relationship management delivering genuine Preferred Customer Status with our suppliers.
  • For us to be a leader in CSR, Sustainability, Environmental and Responsible Procurement throughout our supply chains.
  • Top quality people who are continually


  • Profit margin improvement driving business growth and development.
  • Speed to market with new ideas delivering higher returns.
  • Exclusivity of use of the innovation for a period of time.
  • Customer service never fails, market share growth and enhanced profile.
  • Speed to market.
  • Priority over others when times are tough.
  • Creative ideas delivered to us not chased by us.
  • Proactivity vs reactivity.
  • Enhanced brand profile.
  • No issues raised as surprises.
  • First mover advantage.
  • Great people want to join our team.
  • The team stays and develops with us.
  • Competitive advantage.
  • Class leading results delivery.
  • Internal provider of organisational talent.


Procurement is being recognised ever more widely now for the strategic value that it can add to organisations in every business sector. Procurement leaders need to ensure that they understand how outstanding organisations are benefiting from such engagements. They need to create and implement their own procurement change programmes to deliver incremental substantial benefits. These change programmes have to be clearly defined, mapped, governed and communicated. Crucially, they should be created with the input from appropriate stakeholders in order to ensure ongoing success. At NewDawn we have worked with a wide range of clients to create, sell and implement these change programmes and can help your organisation to ensure delivery of these benefits.

  • Defining best practice for your organisation.
  • Assessing you against best practice.
  • Change Programme definition.
  • Change Programme leadership support.
  • Benefits identification and delivery.

Define and Design

  • Technical & behavioural competencies needed to achieve your vision


  • A variety of methods to assess current capabilities.
  • Talent Mapping.

Competency Development

  • Planning
  • Delivery

Sustain and Grow

  • Team is stronger year on year.
  • Differentiated approach to supply market management.
  • Dynamic category management.
  • Effective Multi Functional Team Leadership.
  • Enduring Benefits Capture;
    • Quick, sustainable wins
    • Long term advantage
    • Delivering resilient supply chains.
  • Post contract award management ensuring delivery of commitments.
  • Strategic Relationship Optimisation;
    • Mapping
    • assessment
    • development.
  • Joint benefit realization.
  • Link to sourcing activity.
  • People skills;
    • Values
    • Behaviour
    • Attitude.
  • Pre Meeting activity;
    • Plan
    • Prepare
    • Rehearse.
  • Communication.
  • Internal influencing and decision making.


The Business Strategies developed by Cross Functional Teams to manage the key categories of expenditure, are driven by understanding the Real Business Needs. Defining these Real Business Needs is best done by the cross functional teams and then validated with the budget holders, as often this uncovers a number of different needs that the budget holder may not have thought of.

Our approach is built around 4 key pillars:


The procurement Category Action Team leaders need to provide real focus for the cross functional teams that drive the strategy development, by using the NewDawn Dynamic Category Management process.

They will adopt appropriate Leadership and Followership Practices to ensure the full suite of skills evident in the team are used to optimal effect, throughout the cycle of activities.


These are key to success and we help to implement the right behaviours that will ensure the appropriate relationship and persuasion styles are employed.

Often, procurement people are unaware of their behaviour and its’ impact. We work with them to open their eyes to:

  • - What they are really doing
  • - What is really effective
  • - What is excellent behaviour
  • - What is unacceptable behaviour.


We help managers and their teams;

  • - Get into the right frame of mind
  • - To maintain a winning spirit
  • - To adopt a positive approach
  • - To demonstrate via our body language and tone of voice that our self confidence and belief in the mission is absolute.

The power of our minds to be creative is simply enormous


We help you to apply and understand the implications of clear Dynamic Category Management processes using cross functional teams to define relevant and creative solutions to meet the Real Business Needs.

To implement the agreed strategy, we employ a wide range of motivational approaches to the appropriate supply market or chosen suppliers.

A rich variety of class leading tools and tactics are used to support each stage of these processes.


A fundamental foundation to release such creative capabilities is to put in place an appropriate Procurement Transformation programme with full executive and senior stakeholder support. This Procurement Transformation programme would be built around the 5 core pillars of change identified below:

We are proud to have contributed to the development of the best practice model above with the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS). The model is used by CIPS for both their Standard and Advanced Corporate Certification programmes. NewDawn is approved as a CIPS assessor for this certification process and would be delighted to discuss how CIPS Corporate Certification could benefit your organisation.

We can also use this model to assess how capable your current procurement practices are. The output from such a review is then used to define the change programme required to drive improved procurement capability within client organisations, leading to significantly improved value delivery. This capability assessment approach would not result in a formal award of CIPS Corporate Certification.

Where our clients want to move to the Transformational Change programme we sequence the activities in full agreement with the client, and summarise this approach using the example S curve model shown.


The great news is that you can adopt a modular approach to the changes depending upon where your need to improve actually is in the process.

This might be just a change in:

  • The team’s understanding of how to creatively apply tools they already know well.
  • How we manage internal relationships with key stakeholders.
  • How we manage relationships with key suppliers.
  • Tuning up our skills in negotiation.
  • Driving creativity into our strategy generation process.
  • Improving how we define Real Business Needs.
  • Refresh on the Category Management process.
  • How we measure performance e.g. how we measure relationships internal and external.
  • Delivering resilient supply chains more effectively.
  • How might we eliminate wasted time/ effort in our supply chains through the effective use of Continuous Improvement practices to drive ever improving financial performance?

There could be many others but with NewDawn we will tailor any such improvement activity to the Real Business Needs of your organisation.

This could be via:

  • Live project work with cross functional teams.
  • Mix of training and live project.
  • Individual coaching & mentoring plans.

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