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Companies with defined negotiation processes in place are significantly more profitable and resilient that those that do not. As a direct result of NewDawn’s world-class experience and insights, as professional buyers and sellers, we ensure that our clients not only have these processes in place but have a clear understanding of the strategies, tools and techniques employed by the other party in a commercial negotiation.

We help buyers and sellers understand the other parties’ perspective through innovative analysis. This gives them a quantum leap forward in achieving outstanding results in their negotiations. We pride ourselves on our ability to develop creative negotiation skills that are tailored to meet the client’s specific negotiation challenge rather than delivering an ‘off-the-shelf’ or ‘one-size meets all’ solution. This builds confidence and belief in dealing with complex and/or robust negotiations.

"Analysis has proven that those companies with defined negotiation processes in place are significantly more profitable and resilient that those that do not"

Source IACCM


Ignore Business Relationships at your ...

Who needs business relationships?You do! Right now, many firms and individuals are experiencing challenges across some of their business relationships.The pandemic has not helped, but that is a poor excuse!The fact is that some relationships have been neglected over the pandemic and before.This has been exacerbated by a plethora of misleading advice about the role of business relationships being diminished in the new internet age.Our advice is clear; ignore business relationships at your peril!It has never been truer than right now that people buy from people they like and trust. And yet, some buyers and sellers are acting irresponsibly towards their suppliers and customers by exploiting the market.No good can come of this and those responsible will have to live with the consequences.If you want to know more, read the attached briefing document.Enjoy the read, and if you’re experiencing some challenges with some of your business relationships, we can help build or refresh those that are going stale or awry.

December 2021

Supplier Price Inflation - Reality or ...

Supplier price inflation and supply shortages – are they real? Maybe, or maybe not! One thing is becoming increasingly clear; some suppliers are exploiting the market quite deliberately by withholding some capacity and stock in order to drive up prices. Similarly, some intermediaries are availing themselves of this uncertainty by passing on the price increases to their customers (plus a bit more for good measure). Opportunistic pricing or cartel-type behaviour only occurs because the suppliers are comfortable they can ‘get away with it’! In our view, a professional and creative supply chain and procurement team should not have such problems, even if the rest of the market is. Want to know more about resistance to supplier price inflation? – read our latest briefing document on the topic…

November 2021

Meetings - more and more of them, and ...

Meetings – I can almost feel the collective mood sinking at the prospect!We spend more time than ever in meetings and they are increasingly cited as irrelevant, poorly run and the ultimate time waster.The pandemic lockdown has exacerbated the issue as meetings are more often than not by video call than face to face as the opportunity for informal catch ups over a coffee or dropping by someone’s desk is now such a rarity.Let’s be frank; we do not expect businesses to hold fewer meetings—that seems to flying in the face of the recent trends (although that may not be such a bad idea).However, we do expect them to hold better meetings.This requires the meeting organiser to prepare and plan more thoroughly, to hold shorter, tighter and more focused meetings with a carefully selected group of the right attendees, to hold more engaging meetings that do not bore the attendees, and to spend some time in reflection so that the meeting process continually improves.Need to refresh your meeting skills?Read on…

October 2021

The NewDawn Sales Negotiation Dashboard

Suppose you could see at a glance exactly how good your deals really are? Imagine if you could drill down to find the root causes of the positive and negative aspects of your deal-making? Welcome to the NewDawn Negotiation Dashboard—a web-based indicator panel showing the rating of your overall deal (from best through to bad) and the ratings of the key constituent inputs to the overall deal. Each of the key supporting constituent inputs can be further interrogated to determine those aspects which contribute positively and which negatively using a simple dial and RAG definition. We have designed a built a unique tool for assessing the quality of your negotiated deals.

Just exactly how good was that last de...

How good are the results that your deal makers are getting? Most businesses and people are supremely unaware! Consequently, the business world is littered with horror stories and shock resulting from finding out that they either grossly over-paid for, or under-valued, the opportunity. As you read the Briefing, you will see that it does not have to be like this! In the next issue we will describe the Negotiation Dashboard - a tool for determining exactly how that deal really is..

NewDawn Briefing - Tips for Sellers in...

Some advice for the Sellers out there during the pandemic. The knee-jerk reflex is to 'rush out there and sell'. Our advice is to slow down in order to speed up. Be the sniper not a machine-gunner. Selling to the wrong customers (the machine-gun approach) is expensive in many ways. So' it is even more important now than ever to select the right customers. Hope this is useful.

October 2020

NewDawn Briefing - Coming out of the C...

We think the next few months will be very difficult for most businesses. So, gear your business up for the toughest negotiations. 70% of B2B Negotiators believe they under-prepare for their negotiations and would have a had a better outcome if they had. It is a mistake you cannot afford. If you need some help, we are here...

August 2020

NewDawn Briefing - Covid-19 Emergency ...

The harsh reality is that if you thought the Covid-19 emergency lockdown was hard, then the return to the 'new normal' way of doing business is going to be a lot harder! Many businesses are facing huge and growing pressures to reduce costs, bring in revenues, whilst keeping their employees and customers safe as they try to shore up dwindling levels of cash and liquidity, as well as re-orienting their operations. The customer - supplier interface relationship is going to be at the forefront of all this - and that means tough negotiations (whilst still applying social distancing measures). Many businesses will seek to vary or terminate contract terms that have become impossible – often by e-mail or force-majeure / impossibility of purpose terms.This will frequently lead to negative situations and recourse to conflict or confrontation positions. In short, it is gonna get tough! How are you going to deal with this - have you a plan? Have you even got round to thinking about it yet? Well, here is some advice to help you. It will not solve the issues, but it will help to set you on your way.

June 2020


We are privileged to have worked with some of the best global, regional and national companies. Here is a snap shot of some of those companies:

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