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“We worked extensively with NewDawn on our new business development skills and across the whole sales cycle. This has been extremely successful and made a dramatic difference to our results.”
Bronwen Andrews - Business Development Director , MSLGROUP EMEA


NewDawn provides a mix of tailored Sales Support Services to suit the needs of its clients; training, business advice and support, coaching, competency assessment and development.

We work with sales managers and their teams to dramatically improve their selling and account management skills. We do this by bringing world class buyer & seller experiences to your particular business challenges in orzder to open the eyes & minds of your sales teams to the motives and strategies employed by the buyers and how to effectively manage these. NewDawn always deliver unique, and often highly differentiated, perspectives on real-life situations from expert professional buyers and sellers. z

NewDawn Partners set the bar high for selling and account management standards and going the extra mile to ensure that our customers sales performance is the best it can be.

Unique and Tailored Services driven by Real Business Needs

We pride ourselves that we tailor our services to meet our client’s individual requirements. We do not provide off-the-shelf solutions. These solutions are driven by the client’s real business needs and consequently deliver real business benefits;


  • Teams and individuals who know how to sell
  • Maximised revenues and margins
  • Well managed customer relationships
  • Cross-selling and up-selling skills
  • New business development
  • Confident and responsive sales people


  • Revenue and margin improvement
  • Repeatable sales processes and tools
  • Different and appropriate sales behaviours
  • Confidence
  • Sales Team motivation and pride
  • Customer satisfaction


The reality is that customers are pushing back hard on price and increasingly using professional procurement tactics in support of this leading to complex customer relationship management and commercial challenges across the whole sales cycle.

The reasons for this aren’t just related to the recent and current market and economic conditions. We have identified the following sales issues:

  • Many companies are hiring salespeople assuming they know how to sell and therefore they only train their salespeople on their product or service – NOT how to sell them.
  • Aligned to this, very many salespeople either don’t know the basics of selling and need to be taught them, or have forgotten them and really do need an effective refresher.
  • Many sales managers are far too busy to teach or coach sales techniques or lack the experience or expertise to do it well.
  • Sales meetings are failing in two critical areas; the planning and preparation beforehand, and the behaviour and responsiveness of the sales person during the meeting.

NewDawn provides tailored sales advice and solutions to meet the challenges across the whole sales cycle.


The Sales Cycle

Generating Leads

Prospecting and Qualification

Maximising Opportunities

Selling Behaviours and Management

‘C Level’ and Value Added Selling

Channel Management


Pitching and Communicating Value

Proposal Management

Negotiation Skills

Objection Handling

‘Scope Creep’ Management

Buyer Decision Making and Closure

Margin Improvement


Account and Portfolio Management

Relationship Mapping

Cross and Up-Selling


Sales Force and Performance Management

Customer Risk Assessment / Management

Profitable Relationship Management


Real Business Needs are at the core of our sales support services. It is only by truly understanding these that we are able to build tailored and appropriate solutions. At the risk of stating the blindingly obvious, if the needs are not correctly identified then the solution is unlikely to resolve the problem.

The facts are pretty clear; those with a positive attitude and self-belief get better results. NewDawn always deliver unique, and often highly differentiated, perspectives on real-life situations from expert professional buyers and sellers.

REAL BUSINESS NEEDS :: Our approach is built upon four key pillars.


  • Teamworking
  • Followership

Sales teams need leadership and follower-ship skills if they are to succeed. Managers and leaders need to know how to lead. Team members need to work highly effectively in cross-functional groups.

We fix this by building high levels of leadership and high performance cross-functional teamworking into all our work and focusing on what good leaders and followers really do.


  • Persuasion
  • Selling
  • Relationships

These are key to success and we help to implement the right behaviours to ensure the appropriate sales, relationship and persuasion styles are employed.

Often, sales people are unaware of, or unable to control, their behaviour. What we do is to open their eyes to what they are really doing, what is really effective and successful sales behaviour, and what is not.


  • Positive Approach
  • Belief and Attitude

We help managers and their teams get into the right frame of mind and to maintain a winning spirit and positive approach throughout the sales cycle. The power of our mind is simply enormous in terms of self-confidence and belief.

The facts are pretty clear; those with a positive attitude and self-belief get better results.


  • End-End Sales Process
  • Sales & Negotiation Plans

Many businesses lack professional sales methodologies and tools. We apply, or develop, repeatable end to end sales, negotiating and account management processes and plans to all the key stages of the sales cycle from Qualification to Win / Loss Reviews.

A rich variety of class leading tools and tactics are used to support each stage of these processes.


We offer the full range of sales competency definition, assessment and development - vital constituents of a consistent and structured approach to sales recruitment, professional evaluation and development.

  • We define and develop new and bespoke competency frameworks.
  • We update and re-energise existing competency frameworks.

We pride ourselves on tailoring our services to meet the unique real business needs of our clients. For competency assessment and development, this requires close cooperation with HR and most importantly the sales and account management managers and teams. This enables us to jointly review the real business drivers, and then to define the required:


We manage our end-to-end competency development cycle through a sequential series of steps we call DACS.

  • Design relevant and appropriate competency maps to the roles desired - not generic ones that are only partially aligned to the need.
  • Assessment Processes that are relevant to the roles concerned, using a variety of assessment practices that can be tailored to suit client internal approved practices.
  • Competency Development in a structured way which effectively implements and embeds new skills and capabilities into the way of working.
  • Sustain and grow individual and collective team capabilities to meet changing business needs.


For both professional sales, and non-sales people the process of getting buy-in from various stakeholders within their own business is often under-estimated and can be a minefield. Many experienced sales people will rate internal selling as ‘harder than selling to customers’.

Consequently, we have adapted the Sales Improvement skills to develop and improve the peoples’ ability to sell difficult messages internally within their own business.


  • To develop and improve the ability to sell difficult messages internally within the business.
  • To understand decision making processes and how to manage them.
  • To be able to carry out stakeholder mapping.
  • To understand and be able to deliver differentiated value messages internally.
  • To understand and implement successful selling behaviours.
  • To understand different individual social styles and how best to manage them.
  • To understand how to prepare, plan and rehearse for a successful internal meeting.
  • To improve communication skills.
  • To recognise and manage objections effectively.
  • To practise selling internally in a safe environment.
  • To challenge and be challenged in an open but constructive way.


  • Significantly greater success in selling difficult internal messages and a major improvement in stakeholder management almost instantly.
  • An end to end process, tools and techniques for managing internal selling.
  • Improved stakeholder management.
  • A clear understanding of the importance of differentiated value messages for different stakeholders.
  • Increased confidence in managing difficult situations and selling difficult messages.
  • Greater awareness of their own, and other’s, preferred social styles and the use of alternative styles of selling.
  • Enhanced leadership and management skills.
  • Improved internal respect and relationships.


Even competent sellers get sloppy when “selling” within their organizations and revert to just telling what they want. Non-sales people are often supremely unaware of the skills needed to sell their message internally. As competing sellers vie for budget/funding with prospects, so it is that internal departments compete for internal resources.

Those that express their needs in ways that show how value can be positively impacted will have a better chance of getting what they want. In doing so, they also arm managers to explain/defend their decisions to give you resources.

For our full range of services and to see how we could benefit your business, please email us at

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