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Advanced Negotiation for Consult Search and Selection

June 2021

NewDawn conducted an Advanced Negotiation Training Workshop for Consult Search and Selection at the end of May. The primary objectives were:

•To understand and be able to apply:
•The topic of negotiation from the Seller’s Perspective and to understand the ingredients of a successful negotiation
•The concept of effective ‘Positioning’ between the buyer and seller so that Consult can position themselves most effectively during the negotiation and successfully defend their pricing.
•The importance and structure for the formal preparation, planning and rehearsals for a successful negotiation
•To become confident in managing difficult negotiations and difficult buyers
•To be able to prepare and execute effective negotiation plans
•The be able to use and leverage:
•Power in a negotiation
•People in a negotiation
•Persuasion techniques
•Processes in a negotiation
•To practise the theory in a realistic scenario so that the team can try out the learnings in a safe environment, but still hit the ground running straight after the programme
•To embed the new negotiation practices into the Consult way of working.

"Firstly, thank you for having me and for delivering such a valuable and informative training – I really took a lot from the experience. The opportunity to learn from two experienced sales and procurement experts is something I feel very privileged and grateful for – I was completely tuned in for every second. I learned a lot and some of the points/skills addressed in the training resonated and are aspects of negotiation that I can improve on as a result of attending so thank you, really."

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