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Rule Number 12 Smile and Say ‘No!’ until Your Tongue Bleeds

Attributed to Harvey Mackay in his pithy book “Swim With The Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive”, I like this adage because it is, like many other aspects of negotiation, so counter-intuitive.In his view (and ours), you’ll be amazed how much the terms of your deals will improve when you learn to say ‘No’.

However, there is a heck of a lot more to this expression than first meets the eye.

Rule Number 11 Understand the Power of Silence in a Negotiation

We live in a world of noise where silence has almost ceased to exist. A significant majority of people are uncomfortable with it and seek to fill it even with mundane background noise. We regularly see this manifest itself in countless businesses where we see people in meetings and negotiations talking too much, tripping over themselves to ‘lead the conversation’ or to interject as soon as the other person pauses so that they can post their arguments. It is as though silence is to be avoided and immediately filled...

Rule Number 10 Be Prepared to Walk Away from the Table Without a Deal

There is nothing quite so empowering to a negotiator that knowing that they can walk away from the deal if necessary. This hugely important factor enables them to be assertive on their goals, confident that if an acceptable deal is not reached, they have an alternative option. Similarly, the other party will sense this too and will be commensurately wary of pushing too hard. Unfortunately, the opposite is true too! Having no alternative, such as in a monopoly situation, can leave you in a very vulnerable position.

Rule No. 9. “Give away nothing for Free”

When negotiating, a good mindset to adopt is the one that says everything has a value and that nothing should be given away for free.Yet, far too often well-intentioned or naïve negotiators give away items to the other party when they need not.The irony being that by giving it away too easily, its value becomes much diminished for the recipient.

Rule Number 8 "Learn to Communicate"

To negotiate people must have the ability to exchange ideas, concerns, proposals and arguments – in short, communicate effectively.

Rule Number 7 "You Will Reap That Which You Sow"

In negotiation, and in life, everything that you do has repercussions – actions have consequences. It comes back to you one way or another.

Rule Number 6 "People Buy From People – So, Understand the Three Types of Proof Used By Persuasive Speakers"

Absolutely fundamental to negotiation is our ability to persuade others to accept our view.

Rule Number 5 "All customers / suppliers have a different value to you"

“There are, of course, many ways by which sellers can categorise or segment their customers. By far the most common is size or revenue, but this is simply not adequate if you want to determine how to manage a relationship or how to negotiate with a customer. ”

Rule Number 4 "Clarify and Understand your own Value Before you start"

“Value is the extent to which a product or service is perceived by the other party to meet his or her needs or desires, measured by their willingness to pay for it. It commonly depends more on their perception of the worth of the product than its intrinsic value.”

Rule Number 3 "Know your enemy and know yourself" Sun Tz

There was no greater war leader and strategist than Chinese military general Sun Tzu. His philosophy on how to be a great leader and ensure you win in work, management, and life is often quoted – for good reason. Sun Tzu also states the “Every battle is won before it is fought” – a point we picked up in our Rule No2.

Rule Number 2 Negotiations are won in the planning, preparation and rehearsal, not at the table.

In our experience, only one third of the delegates attending our programmes spend more than one hour planning, preparing and rehearsing for a negotiation. Often this is done in a café, taxi or train en-route to a customer, or in a rushed pre-meeting, which is prone to regular interruptions, just prior to a key meeting with a supplier!

Rule Number 1 If you do not ask – You will not get!


Managing Scope Creep

December 2021

NewDawn are delighted to be working with Wunderman Thompson again! We will be conducting Managing Scope Creep sessions for the Wunderman Thompson team in Belgium in early 2022.

NewDawn are delighted to have be...

December 2021

Advanced Negotiation for Consult...

June 2021

NewDawn conducted an Advanced Negotiation Training Workshop for Consult Search and Selection at the end of May. The primary objectives were:

•To understand and be able to apply:
•The topic of negotiation from the Seller’s Perspective and to understand the ingredients of a successful negotiation
•The concept of effective ‘Positioning’ between the buyer and seller so that Consult can position themselves most effectively during the negotiation and successfully defend their pricing.
•The importance and structure for the formal preparation, planning and rehearsals for a successful negotiation
•To become confident in managing difficult negotiations and difficult buyers
•To be able to prepare and execute effective negotiation plans
•The be able to use and leverage:
•Power in a negotiation
•People in a negotiation
•Persuasion techniques
•Processes in a negotiation
•To practise the theory in a realistic scenario so that the team can try out the learnings in a safe environment, but still hit the ground running straight after the programme
•To embed the new negotiation practices into the Consult way of working.

"Firstly, thank you for having me and for delivering such a valuable and informative training – I really took a lot from the experience. The opportunity to learn from two experienced sales and procurement experts is something I feel very privileged and grateful for – I was completely tuned in for every second. I learned a lot and some of the points/skills addressed in the training resonated and are aspects of negotiation that I can improve on as a result of attending so thank you, really."

Sales Leadership

May 2021

We are delighted to announce the launch of a new programme 'Sales Leadership'. This is a unique programme designed to develop Sales Leaders who can lead and inspire their sales teams to deliver on their missions, targets and objectives )and much more). It provides a combination of leadership and sales theory, with practical application and challenges, specifically designed to enable Sales Leaders to grow and meet their business challenges. At the heart of the programme are two key concepts; transformational leadership and high performance teamwork. These leadership skills are combined with defining and executing a Sales Strategy Framework which provides all the essential tools for sales management. This is much more than just a training programme. The end-end process ensures that a multi-faceted approach is taken in order to ensure that change and embedding is completed, durable and permanent. The programme will be a joint venture between NewDawn and Perform2XL and will run for the first time in May 2021

Jan-Mar Activity

April 2021

This period has been dominated by our ongoing support for the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS). This includes work to support ACWA Power, Highways England, KEMSA, ZANACO and CSE Worldbank.

Advanced Analytics and Advanced ...

November 2020

Quote from a Project Sourcing Manager for one of our clients, who attended Advanced Analytics and Advanced Negotiation Training in Europe (just pre pandemic), and has then been through a 6 month review 1:1 with one of the tutors via Video Conference, and has agreed a specific go forward plan for that person to grow her skills even more—a key part of the Embedding Process. "Thank you very much for the feedback but also for the overall negotiation training. I have really learned a lot and the support from you and Simon was great. The materials we got are also an excellent resource to look into again to refresh the techniques from time to time and before negotiations. There is so much that I could already implement and benefit from in my daily work and I look forward to further practice."

Persuasive Sales - Consult Searc...

August 2020

NewDawn conducted Persuasive Sales Training for Consult, Search and Selection in July 2020. The objectives were:

•To help the sales team develop and communicate a succinct, compelling, relevant, differentiating and customer-centred sales story about themselves and CSS.

•To increase the revenue value and customer lifetime value (CLV) of existing clients to CSS through cross-selling and upselling techniques.

•To learn and practise how to ask great questions to uncover a client’s real business needs.

•To understand the importance of the right attitude, behaviours and communication skills with clients.

•To understand the nature and importance of likeability and trust in relationships and how this might impact commercial outcomes

•To discuss and understand the real value of CSS for the clients in order to increase the number of retained versus contingent opportunities

Very positive feedback and reaction from the management team and delegates:

  1. "Simon was brilliant, the whole package from start to finish"
  2. "This was by far the best training I have done"
  3. "I'll start with Simon Buzza, 11 out of 10 - absolutely mental! Best person I have listened to. It was a pleasure to learn from him and the way he spoke was incredible. I am taking his lessons on persuasive selling as I attempt to break into new markets.
  4. "Extremely positive feedback company wide (even scoring a solid 11/10 on one report!) and a general consensus that the team are starting to apply techniques they learnt from your session and apply these to their everyday roles"

NewDawn support for one of the w...

July 2020

NewDawn has been working through 2020 with one of the world’s largest Sovereign Wealth Funds to help transform their procurement capability. This has included development and implementation of policy, strategy, procedures and processes. Due to the COVID-19 situation we have been forced to operate remotely from their team, which provided extra challenges for all. Their feedback shows they have been delighted with our support:

  • “You are the most professional of consultants that we have worked with”
  • “You listened to our needs and created the procedures around us, which was very good”
  • “We would not be where we are without your help & support”
  • “You have been very patient with us, and we appreciate that”

We are privileged to have worked with some of the best global, regional and national companies. Here is a snap shot of some of those companies:

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